ITSM Systems Integration

Here at INENI, we know that managing change and the implementation and integration process can be seen as a challenge for a busy business team.

Our implementation services provide complete end-to-end support services, with an analysis of your needs and requirements to streamline the process to fit around your operations.

Using a project management approach allows our technicians to identify pain points and critical aspects within production workflows to implement a smooth transition with minimal disruption to ongoing services. We use a functional approach to analysing our client’s businesses, allowing us to perform a fast and tailored implementation in full consultation with your team.


Implementation Management

The process of integrating services is planned by following your workflows and team requirements, to provide a streamlined transition:


– Systems audit and functionality analysis to identify best routes for transition

– Technical specifications evaluated to confirm how each stage of implementation can be streamlined

– Comprehensive configuration process to put new tools and resources in place

– Thorough testing and analysis to ensure optimal functionality 

– Alignment to ensure every dual process is positioned for a seamless transition

– Training processes to upskill stakeholders and systems users, with ongoing support services as required 

– Implementation process, where new systems are rolled out 

INENI Implementation and Integration Services

Our implementation and integrations services include solutions for:

Systems Integration Testing

INENI offers training and support services for every client to operate their new solutions with optimum understanding, to ensure that quantifiable deliverables after the implementation phase are maximised without a strain on operational resources. Your success is our success.

CMDB (Configuration Management Databases)

Data is a powerful resource, and INENI can recommend and integrate a CMDB ITIL database suited to your business. Having a secure, responsive and scalable CMDB solution ensures that your data assets are secure, and accessible for cross-referencing and analysis of correlations between your data assets.

CMS (Content Management Systems)

Using a tailored CMS gives your business the software solutions to manage, control and modify your digital content and assets in a streamlined and efficient way. INENI can analyse your CMS needs, and recommend and install the ideal software solutions to elevate your responsiveness to new heights.

Bespoke Software Solutions

INENI consults, audits and analyses the performance of your complete business structure and IT assets, to create recommendations for optimal solutions to streamline operations, improve productivity and drive efficiency. Always bespoke, always advanced.


Why choose us

Take your business, and your IS to the next level with INENI – seamless solutions, for every client.

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