In-House IT Systems Training

As an expert ITSM service provider, INENI offers in-house boot camp style training to empower and upskill your team to ensure that you have the skills and resources to enable autonomous working and maximise the potential of your systems and resources.

Creating transferable skills allows your team to take full advantage of the increased productivity capacity your business affords, is delivered only by highly experienced professional INENI training providers.


Expert ITSM Coaching

Our training is customised and adapted to suit your specific business environment and systems, to deliver fast efficient and highly valuable training to provide the best value to your business, and your team.

Your convenience is our aim:


Disaster Recovery and Incident Management

When disaster strikes, you need to move fast and decisively. With our in-depth understanding of ITSM systems, INENI is on hand to provide monitoring services, enact proactive solutions to resolve incidents, and an expert advisory process to enable you to future-proof your system functionality and security. 


What is Incident Management?

Incident management begins with a thorough analysis of the errors or issues you are experiencing, to identify the immediate areas of concern and affect a resolution to restore business-critical processes to the required performance level. 

Emergency response is available for disaster recovery requirements, with a flexible service to help us help you to get back on track when you need a quick and highly efficient response.

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