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ITSM Consultation London

Based in London, INENI offers ITSM Consultation services to clients worldwide; to identify the key solutions to equip your business with the ITSM solutions it needs to escalate your potential and capacity for scalable success.

Combining our business industry know-how with ITSM systems expertise allows INENI to consult on your requirements, and create a results-based strategy to identify your needs, and the best software solutions to help you meet them.

Key Benefits of an IT Systems Audit

Our systems audit and advisory service starts with understanding your business, sector, and challenges you may be facing. Creating a comprehensive statement of need is key to delivering a thorough systems audit and implementing the optimum advice to help amplify your performance. 


Not only do we provide a holistic approach to whole-business development, but can advise on compliance with ITIL standards and best practices to ensure that the tools and systems you choose are ideally placed to support your business. 

INENI is not here to sell you a solution; we are here to provide a system that works:

ITBM (IT Business Management)

Optimising your resources, and rationalising your workflows and processes is an essential tool to identify areas with capacity for growth, and opportunities to innovate and streamline the delivery of services. INENI provides a comprehensive ITBM audit process, to help you diversify and expand. Our technicians can consult, make independent recommendations as to the most preferable solutions for your industry, and provide a full implementation service with end-to-end project management to oversee every step of the process.

ITAM (IT Asset Management)

A deep dive into your IT infrastructure allows you to review how your hardware and software assets work to amplify the value of your data and digital assets. Harmonising this infrastructure, and increasing the added value of your IT inventory allows you to review all aspects of your workflows, supply chains, sourcing, process management and delivery. INENI works with you to analyse and evaluate your ITAM structure, and make expert recommendations for how to expand your asset lifecycle, and make changes to expand on the manoeuvrability of your systems.

ITOM (IT Operations Management)

All too often in the fast-paced world of business, we become accustomed to the limitations of the process we have in place. INENI understands the evolving business landscape, and how crucial it is to keep pace with innovative developments to build a competitive business operating at the pinnacle of your industry. ITOM is the process of administrating the components of your business technology infrastructure, and to optimise the delivery process of data and information within your network to increase the speed and proficiency of internal connectivity. Faster, smarter, and more dynamic business solutions are a consultation away.

Endpoint Management

With the most advanced systems, your customer-facing service delivery remains the key performance indicator to demonstrate the value you afford to your client base. Conducting a comprehensive Endpoint Management audit has the power to assess your strategy and find solutions to evolve single management interfaces for your multiple output devices. At INENI, we audit and evaluate your Endpoint Management strategy, and provide expert advice to maximise the value and effectiveness of your processes. Minimise ongoing costs, maintain an outstanding compliance record and introduce best practises across your workforce.


Key Benefits of Service

A systems audit is the first step in the process of evaluating existing systems and identifying opportunities to innovate and scale your operations to elevate growth. INENI focuses on bespoke consultation and advisory services, tailored to every client’s needs:


Why choose us

Rise to the challenge of dynamic innovation, with an expert ITSM consultation. Identify your areas for growth, receive outstanding expert advice, and select solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

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