Providing Powerful Solutions to Deliver Cohesive Strategies

Enhanced IS and Integration

Keeping pace in an advancing business world requires drive, strategy and a capacity for innovation. Here at INENI, we offer a full range of ITSM services, with end-to-end project management. This means that, when the project is complete, our clients have all the skills, knowledge and training required to build on their enhanced systems to elevate their growth, KPI performance and upward trajectory.  

Our speciality is in providing complex project management services to deliver streamlined systems implementations and expert consultation service. Conducting a systems audit identifies areas of potential, and allows us to give business and industry-specific guidance as to how to work according to market best practises. Innovating business processes is about finding technological solutions that are consistent with your business goals and market environment, to improve performance in the areas that are most critical to your success.


Specialist ITSM Solutions

INENI advisors bring in-depth systems knowledge to every project and consultation. As well as holding C-Suite Trusted Advisor recognition, we excel at introducing and implementing the following solutions:


Core ITSM services



Growth need not be painful, and with an expert by your side every step of the way, elevating your operations to the next level is seamless, smooth and fully managed. 

Key Benefits of Service

Bringing an expert IT solutions advisor on board is a cost-effective way of managing change, with a holistic approach to systems audits and design meaning that INENI enhances overall business performance and strategy to your whole infrastructure, and not just your systems. We strive to bring industry best practices to every client and provide in-house training to equip your team with the skill base and knowledge to facilitate continued success. 


Our years of experience bring with them the benefit of having worked with outstanding international business clients, and our advisors offer multiple languages (French, English and German) along with an in-depth understanding of ITL best practises and the challenges of each market sector.


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