INENI Delivers 10+ Years of High-Level Consultation Experience

Our ethos is that elevating modern business should be streamlined in a way that is cohesive, quantifiable and delivers solid results with personal support!

Welcome to INENI; bringing something different to the world of IT Service Management.

Our strategy is to use our in-depth market knowledge; IT systems expertise and understanding of barriers to business development to assist every client from start to finish.

Our comprehensive proficiency across business solutions allows us to leverage technological advancements to efficiently solve problems. We are not here to sell systems; we are here to work collaboratively with our clients to deep dive into your requirements, gain a full understanding of your aspirations and strategic goals, and to construct ways for you to achieve them.

With systems advancements, streamlining your operations and enhancing productivity brings a tacit and quantifiable growth strategy to your performance, and our creative attitude to problem-solving allows us to evaluate and accomplish your goals with a proven track record of success with some of the best-known brands in the world.

About Me

Thank you for visiting INENI! My name is Malick Bâ Ndiaye, the founding partner and CEO of INENI Consulting.

INENI is a company built on a foundation of heritage, values and drive. These initials represent a proud family history, and in particular my father. He set me an example of courage, forward-thinking and a passion for dynamic learning, having demonstrated his enormous bravery and fortitude by surviving three wars and going on to become a Lawyer in his native Senegal, before becoming a Barrister in France.

I believe that having a strong propensity for success stems from a personal pride in your work and constantly driving for excellence, and this is how INENI operates. Our clients include prestigious corporations and brands from around the world, and I am extremely proud to have been able to bring fresh innovation, exciting concepts and forward-thinking to these organisation to elevate their operations, systems and productivity to deliver unprecedented levels of success.

The Meaning of INENI

INENI has a dual meaning and is also the name of the renowned ancient Egyptian architect, who also demonstrated progressive thinking by introducing a new method of collaborative, working to his professional community.

This sums up our approach to every project, be it long-term complex project management or a thorough systems audit – we work with our clients, and make recommendations based on a complete understanding of their challenges and goals.

Taking a holistic approach to IT Service Management means that the solutions we provide do not only solve a problem but also empower our clients to continue expanding, growing and advancing in their market.

With expertise in these industry sectors, we bring our knowledge and a full suite of ITSM experience to every client we work with:
Healthcare industry
Finance, banking and insurance markets
Public sector
Retail & FMCG
Energy markets


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